Thursday, July 10, 2008

Be your Own GURU !!

This has been written to appeal to both your imagination and logic.

Using all of your brain in this way guarantees that you’ll not only make sense of what you’re reading but you’ll also intuitively grasp the bigger picture too. But understanding on its own isn’t enough. It’s equally important that you’re able to apply your new-found knowledge – which is why you’ll find a whole section devoted to the tools you’ll need to help you on your journey.

Me! Me! Me!

Until you know who you are, how can you know what kind of life you want to live?

There’s nothing stopping you from investing in your future.Who else has a greater interest in how your career pans out than you?

If you were the HR director in your life, how would you go about developing you? You’re responsible for your career – not your boss, not your parents and not your peers. It all comes down to you....

Sometimes it helps to think of yourself as being self-employed, which when you stop to think about it you are – irrespective of what the taxman might have to say about it! (The only difference between working for a company and being freelance is the number of clients you serve. When you’re employed, you technically have only one client – your employer, who pays your salary. And when you’re self-employed you have a number of clients, who each – in effect – contribute part of your salary.)

(‘Service’ suggests work done by one or more people to the benefit of others while ‘being servile’ suggests being something of a servant and in a subordinate position. )

Success is subjective – you get to decide what success means to you. For some people, success is measurable only in material terms, while for others success means feeling that ‘all is well’ within the world. While there’s no right or wrong, it does help to know ‘where you’re at’ in life – not least so that you can do whatever’s necessary
to get back on track.

You’ll also have an innate wisdom that others will find irresistible,which means that your relationships – both at home and at work – will grow stronger, more meaningful … more delightful!

And as both your personal power and intuitive awareness expand,you’ll find that life begins to unfold much more easily as at last you find yourself at ‘cause’ rather than ‘effect’ in your life....

What you think about dictates your actions– and your actions dictate your results.
So be very careful to think about what you want, not what you don’t want!

Below you’ll find the wheel of life – a great tool for measuring how you feel about how you’re doing in life.

Wheel of life instructions …

Will discuss it later....

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